Air Compressor Oil Change.

just me showing how to do an oil change on my air compressor.
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  1. ssdwellah says:

    @superdelsol Thanks, I’ll take a closer look.

  2. superdelsol says:

    @ssdwellah some tools have a small hole that you put a few drops of oil into. the hole actually says oil close to it. but on some tools that do not have that just put a few drops in the air inlet of the tool and your good to go

  3. ssdwellah says:

    I have a question about tools that say they require compressor oil (air ratchet, impact wrench, etc). Are you supposed to spray a little bit of oil into the air hose?

  4. rex4x4 says:

    Lol at the below comment ….. Long live the goat :-)

  5. Vucijak86 says:

    shave that shit fuckin goat

  6. nielsbohrdom says:

    nice job boss. thanks for posting this.

  7. dollman0 says:

    I was wondering if you can post the proper kind of oil to use so everyone knows. I use synthetic compressor oil in mine but you had some kind of motor oil.

  8. superdelsol says:

    your welcome

  9. serchmarc says:

    thks you remind me to change my oil too,i forgot completely HAHA XD

  10. superdelsol says:

    @nizmo128 not a problem, i had searched to see if it had been posted but there was nothing i couldn’t resist

  11. nizmo128 says:

    thanks for uploading this, i just got this air compressor at canadian tire and i was wondering how you change the oil on this thing.

  12. jayrz86 says:

    great! thanks

  13. superdelsol says:

    @fm3081 thanks, i’m glad it could help

  14. fm3081 says:

    very informative. Thankx.!

  15. superdelsol says:

    well since i’m in canada i just went to canadian tire and got motormaster brand compressir oil, so prety much any compressor oil should do it

  16. dobermansrock1 says:

    what kind of oil should i put in my air compresor

  17. rex4x4 says:

    A1 video bud

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